Younique Presenter - Herbalife Nutrition

Younique Presenter - Herbalife Nutrition
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November 30, 2014

Looking our best is what we love to do. Here is a Younque Presenter who is using all of our wonderful products! All the way down to the foundation, Younique will give you a flawless finish, and everyone including yourself will see the difference!

Won't you join me empowering women?

Facial Contouring     Blusher Brush, Fierce  Using the Blusher Brush
Facial Highlighting     Concealer Brush, Fresh    Using the Concealer Brush
Eyebrows     Liner/Shader Brush, Risque    Using the Liner/Shader Brush
Browbone Concealer Brush, Fresh, Curious  Using the Concealer Brush
Above Crease     Liner/Shader Brush    , Beautiful   Using the Liner/Shader Brush
Crease     Deluxe Brush, Beautiful, Infatuated       Using the Deluxe Eye Brush
Lid     Liner/Shader Brush, Fabulous       Using the Liner/Shader Brush
Cheeks     Blusher Brush, Sophisticated    Using the Blusher Brush
Lips     Heartbroken    Using finger
Lashes     3D Lashes       
Notes from Corinna Walters

I used a red lip pencil all over my lips then used heart broken on top of it and finished it with clear lip gloss.


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